Keynote speakers already confirmed:

C. Farhat – Stanford University - USA - "Dimensional Reduction of Nonlinear Deformable Dynamic Contact Problems"
F. Chinesta – ECN - France - "Computational vademecums for large industrial applications"
A. Cohen – UPMC - France - "Data assimilation in reduced modeling"
P. Ladevèze – ENS Cachan - France - "Reduced Models in Nonlinear Solid Mechanics: State of the Art and Challenges"
Y. Maday - UPMC - France - "A new concept of reduced basis approximation for convection dominated problems"
H.G Matthies – TU Braunschweig - Germany - "Construction of Reduced Order Models via Bayesian Identification"
A. Quarteroni – EPFL - Switzerland - "Reduced order models for simulation & control of physiological flows"
 S. Reese – RWTH Aachen University - Germany - "Displacement-based multiscale modeling and substructuring by means of POD" 
K. Willcox – MIT - USA - "Data-Driven Model Reduction to Support Decision Under Uncertainty"

D. Mazon – CEA/ITER - France - "Profile control of advanced tokamak plasmas in view of continuous operation"

he list will be continually updated as new keynote speakers titles are released.

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